Atlanta, Georgia
Located in Atlanta’s sports, entertainment, and tourism district, the College Football Hall of Fame provides visitors with a highly-immersive, interactive, and engaging experience using a blend of historic college football artifacts and interactive multimedia exhibits. The 94,256 square foot project debuted in August 2014. Energetic and informative exhibits transport visitors inside the world of players and coaches as well as celebrate athletic achievement and team pride. Whimsical sculptural elements and vivid displays educate visitors about all aspects of the game including coaching history, play strategy, player diets and workout regimens, uniform technology, and game day traditions. College Football Hall of Fame President and CEO John W. Stephenson, Jr. has stated “our award-winning attraction continues to exceed every expectation for football fans, tourists, event patrons, business travelers and residents of all ages and school colors.”
Project by Design Firm: Gallagher & Associates
Fabrication: Pacific Studios
Images and artwork property of Erika Bilbo Fox Design LLC or courtesy of Design Firm
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